Hands holding up a tablet that has the RENT-ALL booking engine on the screen
The customer arrives
on the rental web site


Start navigating between the equipment that the rental has published directly from the booking engine.
Then select the start and end dates of the rental period.



Checks automatically the availability of the equipment in the selected period, removing unavailable items from the display.



Choose the ski or bicycle you wish to book from the available items.
Adds any accessories, for example ski boots, helmet or back protector, mountain bike pedals or gps.
Then continue by entering the required data according to the chosen article: your weight, age, height in case of ski rental, only the height in case of bike rental. Finally, add the items to the shopping cart.



The engine prepares the cart, rechecking the availability of the chosen ski or bike.
A constant control of the availability is required, because the renter may have rented the same equipment in the shop at the same time as the booking.



Repeats the same procedure for each family member or friend, selecting the correct item for each.



The engine updates the cart, rechecking the availability of all skis, or bikes chosen.



It has reached the final stage, also called 'Checkout'. He then proceeds with the payment.



Check one last time the availability of the selected items and validate the payment received. Send simultaneously a voucher confirmation to the customer in the chosen language, and a voucher to the renter, in the language set by him/her.
If the rental is equipped with the software RENT-ALL, here it provides a software RENT-ALL, qui predispone un rental contract pre-filled, ready for when the customer will show up for rental, for the collection of the equipment.


The renter will welcome
the client on the scheduled date,
for the delivery of the equipment.

Simple and effective

Thanks to the booking engine RENT-ALL, you can receive bookings from customers all over the world, without worrying about anything and without heavy investment in DIY systems.

Image with different devices that have the RENT-ALL booking integration on the screen
In recent years the online reservation has had very important growth rates. This means thatusers appreciate and increasingly use this service.
The web world is constantly growing: in order not to suffer it, but to become its protagonist, it is necessary to evolve and push in this direction.
First of all, the advantage of acquiring customers without first having met them in the store, or entertained an exhausting email correspondence with them.
Online booking is booming worldwide, so a good booking system allows you to acquire more and more customers, of all nationalities.
Last but not least, thanks to the online-booking of skis and bikes, all your work will be done without any worries, always having the certainty that the booked equipment is available.
The RENT-ALL reservation engine is very flexible and configurable. It allows you to check the total availability of rental equipment.
It can be configured by choosing from 3 different booking methods :
Booking by price category, without availability check;
Booking by price category, with availability check;
Reservation of a specific bike or ski, with availability check.
In the last 2 cases, the system constantly checksthe possibility of satisfying the reservations received, indicating the rented equipment and the rental location, thus avoiding overbooking.
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