Avoid exchanges thanks to the customer's name printed directly on the skis

As all rentals know, customers sometimes switch skis between them during the ski week, creating countless complications on the day of return.
Yes of course, we would like to have precise and attentive clients, able to distinguish their skis among the dozens present in the hotel's warehouse or among the hundreds piled up outside the refuge. But maybe it is not so easy and so RENT-ALL plays in advance and prevents this annoying problem.
With one click, directly from rental contract you will be able to print a label with the customer's name and surname, to be applied on the ski. This fast operation, will significantly reduce the problem of ski exchanges between customers.

Tangle of skis resting on a rack
NO! RENT-ALL never obliges the renter to adapt to the software. You decide when and how to use this functionality: for example only in case of large groups.
YES! there is also the possibility to print the name of the hotel on the label.
YES! this information can also be printed. This makes it easier for customers to remember their locker number.
YES! In fact, the bindings adjustment step is the best way to apply the label: the ski is in flat position and the operation becomes easier and faster. If the customer has checked in, all I need to do is press a button, as the name is already entered.
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