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The security of the customer who rents is definitely your priority. Even for RENT-ALL safety on the ski track is in first position! Our ski rental software, provides you with all the useful tools to ensure the customer safety, respecting the ISO-11088 standard: the adjustment of the ski binding, through the client's personal parameters: height, weight, boot length, skiing ability and age.

Ski bindings that are safely adjusted thanks to the RENT-ALL ISO module
NO! It is not an obligation to follow the rules, but in order to protect you and your customer, we strongly advise you to start putting it into practice. In addition, customers are paying more and more attention to this issue, preferring more modern rentals and equipped to ensure their safety.
Yes! The customer's data are necessary for the correct calculation of the coupling adjustment value. Height, weight, boot sole length, skiing ability and age are all mandatory parameters for the exact calculation of the release force. With the RENT-ALL Checkin form, you will be able to collect your customers' personal data quickly and discreetly.
Unfortunately, yes! The RENT-ALL software, through the ISO module RENT-ALL checkin, allows you to find the data in the most discreet way possible.
NO! The Checkin form and the rental software RENT-ALL work synergistically, so you don't waste time finding customer data. The calculation of the binding release value is fully automatic and allows you to guarantee customer safety, in a short time and with extreme precision.
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