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Long lines at the checkout for the data recording? Foreign clients, with long names that are difficult to understand? RENT-ALL has always an easy solution for this difficult problems! Putting at the entry of your rental one or more checkin (usually on a tablet), the customer takes care of insert their personal data.
This will allow you to speed up the next hiring phases, reducing queue formation and waiting times.
During the compilation of the checkin, you can also require other informations from the customer: for example the email address, useful for marketing campaigns, the telephone number to contact the customer in case of need, and the hotel where he is staying. All configurable on request.
Last but not least, the possibility to require the consent to the processing of personal data (Privacy Law), which respects the regulations in force.
At the end of the checkin data insertion, the customer picks up a ticket with a barcode, which will identify him/her in all the following rental steps.

Hands holding tablet that has RENT-ALL checkin on screen
NO! The checkin module is optional. It may not be purchased and it can be added later. Surely a medium size rental, which operates in a professional way, will find innumerable advantages to use it.
SURE! The checkin system is developed in 15 different languages. The first screen is related to the choice of language.
NO! When there is little flow in the rental, it may seems unnecessary to have the customer check in. However, let's try to analyze the advantages that the checkin offers when the rental is full of people, we will discover how much it will speeds up the delivery time of the equipment.
When the customer comes at the checkout, is enough to read the barcode printed on the checkin: so you get a complete contract with all the data. At this moment you just have to deliver the equipment and print the courtesy receipt.
In that exact moment, you realize the advantage from have equipped your rental with the checkin module of RENT-ALL!
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