Management of rental bikes

Each bike is loaded to the RENT-ALL system and identified with a unique code. Medium/large rentals can label their bikes with a barcode and use a barcode reader to speed up the various rental phases.
During the insertion you will be asked for the features of the bike : size, wheel size, type of frame and other useful information for a correct online booking.
If you want,you can put also the maintenance work you do in a simple and fast way: for example tyre replacement, brake pads replacement, etc.
For each bike and accessory you can track the complete life cycle through its own from, which identify how many times it has been rented, how much it has made, what is the cost of its servicing, last but not least, the initial cost of the bike.
With this information at your fingertips, it will be very easy to assess each specific bike in detail to identify very quickly, for example, its price if the customer want to buy it.

Happy guy who maintains a bike easily thanks to RENT-ALL bike rental management software
The insertion of the first bike takes a few minutes, then RENT-ALL provides a quick insertion, based on the copy of the information previously entered, changing only the different characteristics.
For example: once you have inserted a specific bike, if you have 10 more like it, you just need to apply the 'copy 10' function, and the system will only ask you for the 10 codes needed for unique identification. In a few seconds the 10 bikes are inserted automatically.
NO! Official photos of all brands and models of bikes are included and managed by RENT-ALL. So you will use this database, to engaged the right picture to your records.
The photo is very important, because it will be visible from the booking engine. It is therefore essential that the photo is correct, allowing the customer to book the exact bike that he will then find in the rental. All this will avoid unpleasant discussions and unhappy customers.
YES! For each bike you can decide the actual availability for on booking, or you can only allow the rental on spot.
YES! If you plan to sell a bike soon, or if it needs extraordinary maintenance that requires waiting time for spare parts, you can identify it as 'not available' and therefore it will no longer be possible to rent or book it.
YES! At any time the system knows the location of all rented and free bikes. In addition, every time a bike ends a rental period, the system makes it available at the location that made the return.
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