Hands holding up a tablet that has the RENT-ALL booking engine on the screen
How the customer's waiting will work
outside the rental ?


QRcode outside checkin RENT-ALL



The customer, by framing the displayed qr-code with his phone, will start the checkin by entering his data in 17 different languages.RENT-ALL outsidecheckin example picture on telephone



Each renter can choose which of the following data to collect:

  • First name,Last name, Date of birth
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Hotel
  • Address of residence
  • Type of equipment to rent
  • Weight, height, capacity, shoe size
  • Breakage Warranty
  • Privacy Consent
  • Digital signature



After completing the checkin, the customer will see the following information on their phone:

  • Barcode usable by RENT-ALL system
  • Progressive call number
  • Number of customers in the queue

RENT-ALL outsidecheckin example picture on telephone



The customer can repeat the same procedure for each family member or friend, obtaining a barcode for each person.
RENT-ALL outsidecheckin example picture on telephone



At the appropriate time, the customer will receive a text message that will warn him to go to the rental where he will soon be able to rent his equipment.
RENT-ALL outsidecheckin example picture on telephone



The customer after returning to the rental will be able to view the entire checkin queue directly on a monitor set up outside of the rental
example image on television of the RENT-ALL tail cutter



With a simple click the renter can ask RENT-ALL to enable the entrance to other people. In this instant the customer in the queue will display on your phone the request to enter and you will be notified with an additional SMS.
example image of the RENT-ALL checkin queue


The renter will welcome
the customer in total safety,
ensuring adequate spacing within its premises.

How it will work for the renter

The renter will display on a special screen the list of people queuing outside the rental. After having verified the degree of rental in your rental will be able to decide with a simple click how many customers to welcome. The list of people currently in the premises will be automatically cleaned by RENT-ALL when a new rental contract is inserted.

Several devices with RENT-ALL ski and bike rental management software on the screen
WELL! The renter will only have to check the degree of crowding of his premises and simply click on a '+' icon as many times as he wants to let in. RENT-ALL will take care of the rest! It will be him who will collect all checkin data. At the appropriate time will notify the customer via sms to approach the rental and will always be RENT-ALL that will indicate via sms that it is time to enter

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