Your data in the cloud? A synonym for security and reliability

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The undisputed advantage of cloud tecnology is the ability to have access to your dates always: anywhere and anytime.
RENT-ALL being faithful to its history of constant innovation and growing, has recently established a solid partnership with an important worldwide server farm, which hosts in full safety a series of servers completely dedicated to the functioning of the platform.
Using RENT-ALL in cloud technology opens up endless opportunities, for example:

  • You can use RENT-ALL by connecting from anywhere in the world;
  • You can use the software with the help of any device: computer, tablet or smartphone . It is sufficient to have an internet connection;
  • No installation is required software;
  • No need to make no backup, no risk of data lose;
  • No need to upgrade software: you will always use the latest available version.
  • All locations of your rent points communicate with each other directly, without the need to set up heavy and expensive network infrastructure.

Image representing several devices all connected with the RENT-ALL system thanks to the cloud
All your data is stored at a world-renowned server farm, which uses the best security systems known to date. They are always available, 24 hours a day, and you don't have to worry about tedious backup procedures to get a backup copy.
Internet access is a requirement for the use of RENT-ALL. If you do not have stable connection the whole system cannot work. For this reason it is also important to provide an alternative solution in case of blockage or malfunction (e.g. hotspot connection with your smartphone).
Access to your data is allowed only to you and the RENT-ALL technicians.
NO! a normal internet connection, to date, fully satisfy the needs of work.

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