Freedom and Flexibility: Manage Bookings with the Customizable Online Engine!

Our innovative booking platform offers customers two flexible options to efficiently manage their bookings.

Solution 1 - Turnkey:
Worry-free convenience: we offer our customers a complete package that handles all stages of the booking process. Our platform takes care of everything, from receiving bookings to refunds. Those who choose this solution will pay a commission for each booking, with no hidden costs. This option is ideal for those who want a hassle-free solution. Our team will handle everything, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Solution 2 - Self-managed:
For those who prefer more control and a fixed fee, this is the ideal choice. Those who choose this option will pay an annual flat fee to access and manage bookings, regardless of the number of bookings made. This option offers greater flexibility in customizing booking processes to suit each user's specific needs.
Total customization: you are the director of your bookings. Customize every detail according to your needs, offering a unique experience to your customers.
Limitless flexibility: forget restrictions. Our system gives you the freedom to adapt bookings to your needs at any time, putting you in control of your business.
Activatable online accounts: you have the power to activate your online accounts directly through our engine. Simple, fast, and fully integrated to ensure seamless financial management.
Direct payments: receive payments from your customers directly, eliminating intermediaries and simplifying your business's financial flow.

We are here to transform your booking management into a personalized, flexible, and hassle-free experience. Embrace the freedom to manage your business online as you wish. Make your bookings an opportunity for growth, not an obstacle. Choose our online booking engine and experience the freedom to manage your business your way!

Currently, we are connected with three payment platforms: Stripe, Paypal, and Nexi. We are developing other interfaces.
Absolutely yes! At our company, we have an exclusive agreement with various platforms that allows us to offer incredible advantages on commissions. We can guarantee unprecedented competitiveness.

You are free to choose the solution you prefer. With Solution 1, customers can enjoy a complete and hassle-free package, while with Solution 2, we offer a more personalized and controlled approach. Whether you prefer the convenience of the turnkey solution or the total control of the self-managed solution, our booking platform offers flexible options to meet your needs.
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