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It is sometimes necessary to check in real time whether a bicycle or carriage is available for a specified period. Think for example how many times you have to confirm the availability of a bike on the phone... quite often!
With the RENT-ALL planner in a few seconds it is easy to check the availability of your rental equipment, searching through thousands of items.
And that's not all: directly from the planner, you can also create and manage contract quickly and easily.

Bike rental with tablet in the foreground that has a RENT-ALL planner on the screen
YES! With a double click on the reservation or the contract in vision, you can easily access to the complete contract.
YES! If you open the planner from inside the contract, by clicking on a special button, the bike or accessory will be added directly to the contract.
On the planner you will find the main information of the contract: name and surname, contract identification number, any written notes in the contract and any booking conflicts.
On the planner have been introduced some optimization algorithms (artificial intelligence), that allow to satisfy the booking requests with the less articles number


Optimize resources with the planner reorganization algorithm

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