Simplify Personnel Management
with RAP (Attendance Tracking)

Discover the RAP module for managing your employees

If managing access, working hours, and employee permissions is becoming a headache for your ski or bike rental business, we have the perfect solution for you:
the RAP Module.
With the RAP module, you no longer have to worry about the complicated management of clock-ins. Simple to use and highly efficient, our system offers an instant summary of your employees' working hours. Say goodbye to bureaucratic bottlenecks and complications in attendance recording!
Why RAP?
1. Instant Efficiency: get an instant summary of your employees' hours with just a few clicks. Managing your personnel becomes a breeze.
2. Unmatched Convenience: the RAP module offers convenience and speed in employee management.
3. Simplicity at Your Service: even if you're not tech-savvy, our RAP module is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
Why wait? If you want to simplify your business life and improve the efficiency of your ski or bike rental, the RAP Module is the answer.

The RAP Module is designed to simplify personnel management in ski and bike rentals. With intuitive and accessible functions, it allows quick recording of working hours, offering an instant summary. No more time wasted on complicated processes - your team will always be at peak efficiency!
Absolutely yes! The RAP Module has been developed with the average user in mind. Its intuitive interface and ease of use make the personnel management process accessible to anyone, even without advanced technological skills. Focus on your ski and bike rental, while RAP does the work for you!
You simply need a tablet connected to the internet. The employee will search for their name from the list and with a simple click, they can clock in and out.

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