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The Idea was born from the following question:
Is necessary to set up all the ski rental elegant, with carriages and work tables of high quality and spend much money ?
The answer can be NO, it is not necessary.
I can set up only one beautiful part, modern, elegant and the rest I can organize it as I wish, with carriages and work tables not aesthetics but functionals because it will be stay hide to the customers (as the classic storehouse) .
RENT-ALL has developed a new conception for the ski rental management thanks to the evolution that they have had through the time.
Over the past few years the rental showed the skiis for highlighting that it provided beautiful and function equipment. Now this idea has been overpassed, the customer is aware that in the rentals there is quality material, sure enough, also the carriages productors make their products with pannels that hide the skiis. This because at first impression the viewing of the skiis with differents high and colors results anti-aesthetics.
Thanks to the software and a touch screen with big dimensions it is possible to revolutionize the management of the ski rental.
We have summarized the rental phase below.


The customer fills the checkin, using a tablet put at disposal directly from the rental or from its own phone (look at mobile ckeckin). The operator does not lost time at insert the personal datas.

Boots delivery

The operator helps to choose the boots more suitable for the customer, in a more pleasant space, well-finished and with hided carriages boots holder.
The boots can stay to the customer feets.

The choose of the ski

The operator thanks to the touch screen choose with the customer the skiis more suitable and send the order to the adjustments desks. As succeed at the restaurant from the waiter to the kitchen.

Ski adjustment

The operator at the adjustment desk situated in th storehouse, receives the order, and he can regulate with calm and he can focus himself to do the work without any distractions. He can print the label with the customer name to apply on the ski.

Customer waiting

The time that the customer passed to watch the operator that regulated the ski can be used to buy an accessory,the skipass, book a lesson or do a purchase tied to your services.

Payment and delivery

At the cash desk is executed the paymet with the delivery of the equipment. The delivery can be do directly to the depository locker or in the hotel.

Advantages of the system with totem

Lifts the quality of the rental service

Save money

You will be able to set up only one part of your rental

Rental always in order

Space well-finished, without chaos. A pleasant shop.

Rental experience

Raise the quality of the customer experience. Level of 5 star

Software RENT-ALL

The software for ski rentals: the totem solution that you did not think.

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